Love Volunteers


In the last few years the number of volunteering opportunities in Guatemala have grown. Our volunteers are highly committed people, with great human qualities and a lot of sensitivity. For us volunteering has become a source of love that holds and accompanies patients and their families in the struggle they face on a daily basis. 

The volunteering areas we have are:

 Spiritual volunteering 

 Volunteering with games at Outpatient Area.

 Hospital Games, Child Life Volunteering. 

 Events Volunteering

 Professional Volunteering

 Specific Volunteering 

It is important to take into account that to become a volunteer you must fulfill some requirements: 

 To be 18 years or older. 

 To be committed for at least 12 months.

 To be a responsible person.

 To assist to an induction talk (It´s mandatory).

 Respond to an Entry Evaluation (Psychology). 

 Complete an Entry Form.

 Sign a commitment letter.

 Acquire a vest that identifies the volunteer.

 Receive training from the specific area. 

Provide 1 recent photograph for the emission of the ID (digital or physical format).

Coordinator: Sara Altalef 

If you wish to expand this information you can write to:

  or communicate to: +(502) 2328-9600 Ext. 225


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