AYUVI- Occidente



AYUVI- Occidente clinic is inaugurated!

We are thrilled to announce the inauguration of our satellite clinic AYUVI Occidente on February 16 th 2017.

The clinic will allow us to expand and provide our services closer to patients from the Western Highlands, representing 38% of the patients currently attended at our hospital. It will allow to decentralize our out-patient and diagnosis services, avoiding long trips for our patients and families.

Which services will the clinic provide?

Out-patient attention to patients from the Western Highlands.


Attention to patients with minor complications.

Patients’ treatment follow-up and diagnosis.

Which are some of the clinic´s main areas?

External waiting room area


Internal waiting room area

Staff dressing room

Security station

Weight/ measurement and vital signs area

Area to take blood samples


Medicine dispatching area


Sterilization area

Chemotherapy room.

Isolation area


Emergency room

Storage room

Administrative offices AYUVI/UNOP

Multi use room



Social Work

Area for clinic´s disposables.

Visit AYUVI- OCCIDENTE: Final diagonal 15, 7-33 zona 5, Colonia Las Rosas

Xela, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.


  Comunícate al: 2317-7800 ext. 701

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